North Spore Mushrooms

North Spore Mushrooms

North Spore was launched in 2014 by a mycologist, an organic farmer, and a photojournalist -- three college friends brought together through their shared love of the mycological world. What began as a simple love for mushroom foraging and cultivation quickly developed into an obsession with all things fungi. From there, an urban mushroom farm was born, as was the desire to spread the spore to the masses.


North Spore is on a mission to disrupt the food system by empowering people to grow and harvest their own healthy edible and medicinal mushrooms. In addition to the positive environmental impacts of mycelium (e.g. soil nutrient cycling, bioremediation) the potential for mushrooms to naturally improve health and wellness and become a key sustainable meat alternative are core drivers of what we do. We are a company committed to the environment and sustainability and make every effort to provide organic, natural, non-GMO, and locally sourced materials from companies that share our values.

Integrity & Innovation

"With our vertically-integrated facility, North Spore produces 100% of its spawn, sterile substrates, cultures, and kits. We take our customer's needs seriously and are fortunate to have multiple staff mycologists leading research and development, plus trained lab technicians overseeing our spawn and substrate production, in-house laboratory, and in-house culture bank."

Collaboration & Inclusion

"Regardless of whether we are sharing our knowledge of mushroom cultivation and foraging, our favorite mushroom recipes, or simply our overwhelming admiration for this often overlooked biological kingdom, we are striving to be a community hub for fungi enthusiasts, both beginner and expert. North Spore is an inclusive place where everyone is invited to learn to love mushrooms as much as we do. We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace and community and have zero tolerance for discrimination and racism."

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