Silverbrook Manor

Silverbrook Manor

In the heart of the picturesque Hudson Valley lies an exceptional Harvest-to-Fork member that embodies the essence of sustainable agriculture and culinary excellence. Welcome to Silverbrook Manor, home of the World Taste & Smell Association and a historic farm estate dedicated to preserving agricultural heritage while pushing the boundaries of innovation. 

A Legacy Rooted in History: Silverbrook Manor's story dates back to the late 1700s, when its foundation was laid as a testament to enduring farming traditions as a dairy farm then equestrian destination. Today, this enchanting estate seamlessly blends the timeless charm of the past with a forward-thinking, sustainable approach to agriculture.

At the core of Silverbrook Manor's ethos is a resolute mission to revive the agricultural heritage of bygone eras. Guided by a dedicated team of owners, artisan farmers, and land stewards, the farm breathes new life into age-old agricultural practices, with a particular focus on indigenous wisdom. 

Silverbrook Manor is a model holistic farm, where education, innovation, and biodiversity restoration intertwine harmoniously. The farm nurtures a diverse range of organic products, showcasing an unwavering commitment to sustainability and uncompromising quality. From fresh eggs and mushrooms to vibrant microgreens, medicinal plants, vegetables, flowers, spices, herbs, and teas, Silverbrook Manor exemplifies conscientious farming practices at their finest.

Forging a Symbiotic Relationship with Nature:
Championing the principles of regenerative agriculture, Silverbrook Manor forges a profound symbiotic relationship with nature. Drawing inspiration from the productivity and resilience observed in natural forests, meticulous attention is given to every facet of cultivation. From analyzing plant and soil types to understanding weather conditions, irrigation methodologies, and pest control strategies, every step is taken to ensure the farm operates in harmony with the environment.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and progress, Silverbrook Manor pioneers innovation in sustainable agriculture. The farm continuously analyzes various aspects of cultivation, including culinary and medicinal applications, nutritional excellence, plant growth patterns, and the artistic finesse of the harvest. Through collaboration and the fusion of traditional wisdom with cutting-edge techniques, Silverbrook Manor pushes the boundaries of sustainable farming, exploring new frontiers and developing groundbreaking practices.

Silverbrook Manor stands as a shining example of the Harvest-to-Fork movement, embodying the spirit of sustainability, culinary excellence, and agricultural heritage. To learn more about Silverbrook Manor and immerse yourself in their world of Harvest-to-Fork excellence, visit their website at or follow them on Instagram. You can support the farm's diverse organic products and discover the passion and dedication that make Silverbrook Manor a true pioneer in sustainable agriculture here on

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