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Coco Coir Mushroom Substrate & Casing Layer

Coco Coir Mushroom Substrate & Casing Layer

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Coco coir provides many benefits to the mushroom cultivation process. In addition to moisture retention, the porous structure of coir material enables excellent gas exchange, water supply, and is highly resistant to contaminants. It is primarily used as a casing layer in monotubs or as a substrate additive. However, it can also be used in garden beds as an alternative to peat moss.  If using as a casing layer on fully colonized substrate, it does not need to be pasteurized or sterilized.

Coco coir is made from coconut husks, is a 100% renewable resource, and biodegradable. It also has traces of Magnesium, Calcium and Nitrogen that contribute to the growth of mushrooms. 

Please note that 30 lb bags of coco coir are not eligible for free shipping.


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