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NocBox Still Air Box

NocBox Still Air Box

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Turn any surface into a clean space in just seconds!

The NocBox Still Air Box is a lightweight, portable, self-contained workspace that lowers your risk of exposure to unwanted contaminants. Whether you're cloning mushrooms, working with plate cultures, inoculating spawn, or even tackling bigger projects (like spawning a monotub) the restricted airflow inside the NocBox will limit your contact with airborne spores, bacteria, and other microorganisms to improve your overall chances of success.

Features & benefits:

  • Large 2' x 3' waterproof work and viewing area
  • Frame-free assembly - just unfold, insert bars, and go!
  • Slanted front window for easier closeup viewing
  • Adjustable-fit arm ports for arm sizes small to 2XL
  • Side cord port with string closure for plug-in appliances
  • Easy access zippered side & back entry doors
  • Nylon bag for easy transport and storage
  • Lightweight, collapsible, portable design

Patent-pending design:

With NocBox, there is no inner frame to pre-assemble. Simply remove it from the storage bag, unfold the clear cover, slide in support bars, and you're ready to go! This unique design also provides a smooth inner surface for easy cleanup between uses (and fewer places for contaminants to hide!)

Ample workspace:

The NocBox has a large work area, allowing you to space out items while in use. And all surfaces are waterproof to catch any accidental sprays and spills.

Slanted front window:

The slanted front window on the NocBox provides a large viewing area. It also allows you a closer view, which is especially important when working with small items that require precision.

Adjustable fit arm ports:

The entry ports in the NocBox are made from durable multi-layered waterproof fabric. Arm ports are designed to accommodate a wide range of arm sizes, from small to 2XL. Simply slide arms in and pull the string closure to get the right fit!

Side port for cords:

Working with a plug-in tool or appliance? No problem! The NocBox has a small port with string closure, allowing you to bring corded tools and appliances inside while still maintaining a clean space. 

Easy access side & back entry:

The NocBox has zippered doors on the side and back so you can easily place items of all sizes inside. This also makes it easy for cleaning between uses.

Lightweight, collapsible, portable design:

The NocBox was designed to be ultra-compact when collapsed and placed into the storage bag. Simply slide out the support bars, fold up the clear cover, and place into the storage bag! 



Using an open flame in a still air box poses a fire risk and may result in accidental burns and vapor ignitions, especially when using flammable liquids or aerosols (including, but not limited to, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol.) Only use an open flame in a well-ventilated area.

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